Track Co-Chairs

Xiaoling Li
Chongqing University, China





Lu Wang
Assistant Professor
Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, China





Brief Introduction

With the rapid development of information technology, e-business practice has experienced dramatic changes in big data era. Due to the development of mobile e-business and widely use of smart phone, more and more customers rely on smart phone to search, browse and buy offerings, and pay more attention on comments by other customers or friends. The rapid change of technology and customers is a double-edge sword. On the one hand, such change provides firms a valuable opportunity to collect and analyze consumer data; on the other hand, firms have to adjust their strategies to adapt to the changing environment. Thus, what factors will foster or hinder firms to develop suitable e-business strategy? How firms use data to advance their e-business practice?



1. WOM strategy and online review effectiveness
2. Online product strategy and diversified users
3. Advertising/promotion strategy of diversified firms in online market
4. Firm’s innovation strategy in e-business platform markets
5. The relationship of firm performance and big data application
6. The difference of advantageous and less advantageous firms in e-business market
7. Platform traffic strategy
8. Competitive and cooperative mechanism design of sharing economy
9. How to integrate online, social media, and mobile marketing strategies of e-business firms
10. How to develop firm strategy based on insights about consumers
11. How to identify the tradeoffs between managerial judgement and insights from consumers

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