Track Co-Chairs

Hefu Liu
University of Science and Technology of China, China




Zhao Cai
Assistant Professor
University of Nottingham Ningbo, China




Meng Chen
Assistant Professor
Soochow University




Brief Introduction

This track aims to advance our knowledge of the impact of information systems (IS) on operations management (OM). The emerging information technologies in the likes of Internet of Things, Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning, and Blockchain not only digitalize but also reconfigure business processes. Conceivably, modern enterprises increasingly adopt cutting edge IS supported by contemporary technologies to support their operational strategic decision-making, business processes design, economic transactions transformation, and organizational capabilities development. Plenty of operational sections are also enabled, such as product development, service design, and innovation management. Recently, increasing attention has also been paid to the potential of IS to contribute to sustainable manufacturing, waste and emissions reduction, and environmental strategies. As such, it is imperative to have more studies to explore how IS can support and change OM with the involvement of new technologies.
This track attempts to provide a forum for discussion and exchange on the role of IS in OM in the era of digitalization. We encourage rigorous and relevant research with a wide range of methods to scrutinize the manifestation and influence of IS in OM in different research levels including the process, firm, and supply chain level. We are especially interested in research that advances theories and practices for emerging research streams, such as big data and data analytics for OM, IS-enabled servitization, green IS, and sustainable supply chain management.



1. Influence of IS on Operational Strategies
2. Digitization of Logistics and Supply Chain Management
3. Big Data and Data Analytics for OM
4. Blockchain for OM
5. Product and Service Development through IS
6. IS-enabled Service Operations and Servitization
7. IS-enabled Quality Management
8. IS for Production Planning and Control
9. Green IS and Sustainable Supply Chain Management
10. Operations Management in Platforms

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