Track Co-Chairs

Dongxiao Gu
Hefei University of Technology




Ying Yang
Associate professor
Hefei University of Technology




Yiming Zhao
Associate professor
Wuhan University




Shuping Zhao
Associate professor
Hefei University of Technology




Brief Introduction

The application of new generation of information technologies represented by big data and artificial intelligence is accelerating the pace of human beings towards a smart society, making social interactions among people more frequent, and accumulating a large amount of data in cyberspace. This provides unprecedented opportunities for behavioral studies and service innovation. Data-driven and AI-enabled behavior studies is an important foundation for realizing precise management and personalized services in the fields of medicine, healthcare, business, engineering, transportation, energy, environment, and etc. It has become one of important research fields in IS and e-commerce community and received widespread attention.


Fundamentals for data analytics in behavioral studies Behavioral analytics
Deep learning and machine learning in behavioral studies
Explainable AI for behavioral studies
Active learning for service innovation
Intelligent recommender systems
Health intelligence, medical informatics and smart health
Smart agingcare and service innovation
Predictive analytics for service innovation
Text mining and sentiment analysis for behavioral studies
Business analytics for behavioral studies and service innovation
Big data processing, management and intelligent service
Data mining and knowledge service
Data-driven social networks analysis
Other issues in behavioral studies and service innovation