Track Co-Chairs

Nannan Xi
Postdoctoral researcher
Tampere University, Finland




Hongxiu Li
Assistant Professor (tenure track)
Tampere University, Finland





Juho Hamari
Tampere University, Finland




Brief Introduction

The focus of the fields covered in WHICEB traditionally are heavily focused on instrumental issues and the utilitarian end of digitalization. However, during the last decade there has been a notable surge in hedonic, immersive and gamified systems. However, the field has scarcely focused on this end of the digitalization that is closer to human engagement. The assumption is that even for purely instrumental purposes and effectiveness, systems that focus purely on economizing are holistically inefficient. Hedonic information systems initially came about through the re-appropriation of instrumental information technology. Forwarding to today, hedonic systems such as games, VR, AR etc. are everywhere, and are not only developed for the sole purpose of promoting user enjoyment but rather are increasingly incorporated to be part of any systems, services and organizational structures. Therefore, we present the track of “ENGAGING TECHNOLOGIES” that covers the large categories of gamification, mixed reality and hedonic systems and services (see set of keywords below).

We welcome papers (conceptual, theoretical, empirical and design research) related to management, information systems, business, commerce, marketing, consumer/user psychology, computer sciences or human-computer interaction related to the following set of keywords.


1. Gamification
• serious games
• game-based learning
• simulation games
• games-with-a-purpose
• toys
• persuasive technology
• quantified-self
• exergames
• dual and mixed -purpose information systems
2. Mixed reality
• virtual reality
• augmented reality
• location-based games
• wearable technology
• multimodal interfaces
3. Hedonic information system and services
• games
• social media
• streaming services
• esports

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